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Modern Zombies

Shameless Consumerism, Conformity, and Environmental Destruction

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The modern zombie is one who embodies the Zombie archetype shamelessly. The VAST majority of humankind fits the archetype, but not many are willing to admit what they are and be proud of it.

It's easy to pretend to be a nonconformist. Nonconformity is all well and good, but most people can't pull it off. Everyone wants to be a rebel, but if you aren't, just go ahead and admit it. Nobody does. Everyone complains about consumerists, but nobody admits that they are. Well, to hell with that.

I am a soulless, shallow consumerist. I am manipulated by the media more than I will ever know. I make no real effort to run with the herd, but I am part of it just the same, and I'm not ashamed of that. There is great strength in numbers. I love to spend money, to consume everything in sight. I love Stuff. Some people claim that we are just filling voids in our lives with material possessions. Nonetheless, the void IS being filled.

Complacency and conformity are comfortable, and why should we be ashamed of seeking comfort? If you find it easier to run with the herd than to blaze your own trail, so be it! You are part of the vast majority of humankind, and should not be made to feel ashamed of it!

You are lazy, motivated only by your greed for more Stuff. This is as it should be. You can't change who you are, so you might as well claim it pridefully!

Most people sit around and watch TV all day. Most people think for themselves occassionally, but are usually content to let society push them in whatever direction it will. Most people are destroying the environment, and don't really care.

The difference between us and most people is that we don't pretend otherwise.

The Zombie embodies those traits which are a part of everyone, but that NOBODY has been willing to claim until now. Fuck that. I am what I am, and I am not ashamed!

Are you a zombie too? Then come talk about it.